Posted in June 2012

The compulsion of children to defy…

Dear Mum I had a really bizarre memory today. I have no idea where it came from, but it is quite vivid. Unlike some of my recent thoughts this one was quite warm and amusing. It was the day Ian Hartley threw a dart into my leg. We’d been playing in the woods at the … Continue reading


Deception of Society: The toughest boy in school…

Dear Mum It’s funny how things happen. I was the toughest boy in high school you know. Did you know that? I bet you didn’t. It wasn’t my fault. How it happened, I mean. And it didn’t happen in the way you might imagine. You know I never went in for bravado; I couldn’t, due … Continue reading


In which self-awareness shapes a life…

Dear Mum My nostalgia took me all the way back to nursery today. It only gave me a hint of what it was once like. I think I mostly enjoyed it. I think. The enduring memory of you dropping me off each morning; me playing on the climbing frame next to the office, while you … Continue reading